Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ultimate Grocery List

Here is the "Ultimate Grocery Shopping list" I said I would post today. Download the list here

Sundays are the day when I get everything prepared for the upcoming week. 
Today I made these preparations:

1) Cut up two onions, peeled 10 carrots, washed and cut up celery and washed 
leaf lettuce and stored them in the fridge for use this week.
2) Grated about 5 cups of cheddar cheese that I will be using during the week
3) Made a "Make-ahead" blueberry juice to add to my kid's meals, a "Make-ahead"
 cauliflower puree to mix in meals and a "Make ahead" spinach-blueberry puree. 
4) Made ahead chocolate chip pancakes that I can freeze
5) Made ahead homemade potato chips
6) washed and cut strawberries, grapes and fresh pineapple 

I will note the recipes for these on tomorrow's kiddo meal menu. Have a wonderful
evening everyone!

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